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Stories made visual

Branding &  Design Studio

We build brands that make customers fans. A place where ideas made visual. We transform your story into branding design,  connecting to your audience. We create for those who love what they do and want to share it with the world. 

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our clients

Johanna Junholm

She listens in to your needs, then connects dots and delivers outstanding results. She has an eye for the design and the business, very committed, responsible and thinks way out of the box. On top of that so fun to work with. Once you have her onboard you don’t want to loose her.

The power of branding design

Design does make a first impression. Branding design however makes an impression that is cohesive, consistent and that lasts, this will make your customers resonate to your brand.


Design is the visual part of a brand but there is more underneath the surface. By capturing the essence of your company in a strategy session we build the fundament for the design that makes you customer a fan. We believe that good design has powerful storytelling. Let us future proof your brand, find out how.

Work method

Grow with Studio Vedeyo

Let's capture your core values in an iconic company logo. 

Making impact that resonates with your audience

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